Green Hydrogen Plant

L&T’s Green Hydrogen Plant at the A M Naik Heavy Engineering Complex Hazira, is designed for an electrolyser capacity of 800 kW comprising both Alkaline and PEM technologies. The plant is powered by a rooftop solar plant of 990kW peak DC capacity and a 500kWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

The Alkaline electrolyser of 380 kW capacity produces 15 TPA (tonnes per annum) of high purity hydrogen (99.99%). This hydrogen is blended with Natural Gas for captive consumption in the existing fabrication shops in Hazira. High purity oxygen is also generated as a bi-product and is used in cutting applications. A 400 kW PEM electrolyser will be added as part of future expansion, doubling the hydrogen production capacity of the plant to 30 TPA.

To ensure safe operation and production, the plant design incorporates both active and passive safety systems and is operated through a state-of-the-art command and control centre with remote monitoring functionality. An integrated data analytics platform designed by L&T provides insights into performance of the electrolyser and the overall plant. Data related to the process parameters and different operating profiles is captured and using the built-in predictive analytics capability, the system aims to forecast an optimised operation schedule based on solar profile, hydrogen available in the storage, and downstream hydrogen consumption requirement.

The Green Hydrogen Plant is also a step towards decarbonising our operations and achieving carbon neutrality with an estimated carbon dioxide abatement of 300 tonnes per annum.

The entire project was conceptualised, designed, and executed using the capabilities and rich experience available within the L&T Group - including the solar plant and the state-of-the-art command and control centre.