Green Development

L&T Green Energy Business’s Development Vertical focuses on Green Ammonia, Green Hydrogen and Green Methanol projects, which have the potential to provide a clean and sustainable source of feedstock and fuel to the hard-to-decarbonise/hard-to-abate industrial sectors like steel, petrochemicals, and refining.

With our proven track record in PPP projects and our commitment to clean technology and renewable energy, we are well positioned today to play a leading role in the development of green energy projects around the world. 

We possess distinct but complementary capabilities to our EPC Vertical, allowing us to design and develop plants on a build, own and operate (BOO) basis. 

We leverage our Group’s Modular Fabrication Facilities (MFF), strategically located in proximity to ports, for the storage, handling, transfer and export of green hydrogen and green ammonia to international clients and see ourselves as being a leading subcontinent-based export-oriented developer. 

We have a long history of working with investors and financial institutions to secure the funding necessary to develop and implement complex and novel technology-based projects, like green hydrogen and green ammonia. This allows us to move forward with projects even in challenging economic environments, ensuring that our green hydrogen initiatives can be successfully completed. 

We also possess a strong ability to forge key partnerships and joint ventures with international players across the Green Energy value chain and offer our customers a single point integrated solution that satisfies their market expectations. 

L&T’s expertise in engineering and construction, focus on innovation and sustainability, and ability to secure financing, as well as our strategically placed modular fabrication yards make it a strong project developer in the field of Green Ammonia/Green Hydrogen, its derivatives, and other green adjacencies.

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