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L&T Electrolysers pioneers innovative, sustainable solutions to meet future energy needs and create a greener world. We are committed to India's energy transition and towards realising "Make in India" through indigenised manufacturing capabilities.

Our state-of-the-art Electrolyser Manufacturing Facility in Hazira, Gujarat, will produce Alkaline electrolysers based on a license from McPhy Energy, a leading electrolyser technology company.

This makes L&T Electrolysers the leading Indian manufacturer with alkaline technology that is capable of meeting the demands of the domestic as well as international markets for Green Hydrogen generation.

The McLyzer

McLyzer, manufactured by L&T Electrolysers under license from McPhy, is a state-of-the-art pressurized alkaline electrolyser powered by European technology. The modular solution is designed to meet the increasing demand for green hydrogen and is equipped with innovative features to make the process efficient, flexible.

Product Excellence

The McLyzer stands out with its unique stack design, providing exceptional flexibility and thermal stability. Its ability to operate in hot standby mode for extended durations and rapidly reach full load within few seconds enables seamless adaptation to intermittent renewable energy supply. The impressive H2 purity level of 99.999%, achieved through high-pressure discharge of H2 & O2, eliminates the need for a separate compressor. This cutting-edge technology positions McLyzer as the ultimate solution for efficient and sustainable green hydrogen production.

Design & Safety

McLyzer is designed to comply with national and international standards for ISO/IEC/NFPA/ASME/PED, making it a safe and reliable solution for hydrogen production. It has a compact footprint and is a modular solution that can be configured as 0.5/1 MW stacks, 2/4/8 MW modules, or Multi-MW clusters with a footprint of less than 45 SQM/MW.

L&T Research & Development Initiatives:

L&T recognises the pivotal role of technology innovation in propelling the growth of emerging industries like green energy, encompassing green molecules, energy storage, and green energy application technologies. We are committed to establishing a cutting-edge green technology innovation platform that fosters close collaboration with our partners, component suppliers, and esteemed academic institutions.

The conceptualisation of novel designs, architectures, test methodologies, and advancements in materials processing holds utmost importance for the clean energy sector's progression, aiming to bolster energy efficiency, enhance reliability, and drive down costs.

Strategic partnerships with premier Indian and global academic institutions are imperative to bolster the technological prowess of the Indian industry. As an initial stride in this direction, we forged a collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay to spearhead innovation in the green hydrogen value chain. 


Partnership with McPhy

The McLyzer

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