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L&T has robust experience in Hi-Tech manufacturing over various sectors like Heavy Engineering, Defence, Shipbuilding, Turbine Generators and Boilers. The manufacturing facilities of L&T are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and technology, the largest and heaviest capacities, and the finest pool of engineering expertise and skilled manpower. L&T has bolstered industrial growth in India through its extensive manufacturing installations, scaled up to massive volumes to help in achieving cost efficiency. 

India has great potential to become a global Green Hydrogen Hub. The Government of India has set up an ambitious plan to achieve this vision by setting up  a target to manufacture 5 million metric tonnes of Green Hydrogen by 2030. 

To support in meeting the Government of India’s target for catering to the domestic manufacturing of electrolysers as well as to establish the domestic supply chain, L&T intends to bring in its manufacturing expertise and set up a state-of-the-art giga-factory producing electrolysers. L&T also seeks to bring in the most advanced technology and reduce the cost of electrolyser systems through economies of scale.         

L&T Research & Development Initiatives:

Technology Innovation plays a central role in the growth of an emerging industry such as green energy, that includes green molecules, energy storage and green energy application technologies. L&T envisages a state-of-the art green technology innovation platform that will enable closer collaboration with our partners, components suppliers and leading academic institutions. Conceptualisation of new designs, architectures, test methods and innovation in materials processing is critical for the sector to improve energy efficiency, enhance reliability and reduce equipment cost.

Partnerships with leading Indian and global academic institutions is critical to support the development of the technology leadership of the Indian industry. As a first step, a collaboration with Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay for green hydrogen value chain was signed in the first quarter of 2022. 

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