Construction Services

Construction Services

Through its extensive and sophisticated plant and mechanical asset base, L&T provides cutting-edge construction solutions.

L&T offers turnkey construction services actors sectors and industries. These services include civil, structural, piping, equipment heavy lift, electrical, and instrumentation work. The company also carries out OFC, horizontal direct drilling (HDD), testing, pre-commissioning, and commissioning for cross-country pipeline construction. Among the areas of expertise are cathodic protection systems for pipelines and stations, as well as design, engineering, procurement, and construction of civil, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation for composite station works.

State-of-the-art piping automation shops are equipped with pipe fit-up, CNC, and orbital welding machines. GPS aided surveys, fully automated welding for pipelines and PUF insulated joint coating facilities are available for pipeline projects. Auto re-bar shops reduce wait times at project sites. FCAW semi-automatic welding, CPD with 24x7 radiography activity facility and PAUT all come together to enhance quality, speed of delivery and efficiency.

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